Parkour and Ninjas
I'm a beginner, so I train at the gym. I'm working on landing my front flips at the moment using a trampette and crash mat. When taking off I try to jump as high as possible and tuck. I complete the rotation but I just don't know when to extend my legs and so on the rare occasion that it is landed it is only in a crouch. Do you have any advice?

If you are a beginner, I wouldn’t have you focus on flips for the time being. I would instead advise you to work on various techniques like wall runs, climb ups, cat leaps, vaults, basic landings and rolls (The two most important techniques in my opinion), etc, basically anything that doesn’t involve you rotating in the air. The reason for this is I think mastering your basics should be priority along with becoming stronger if you are just starting out. Being stronger means your body (especially your knees) will be able to take the impact well without resulting in injury or tendinitis. This is my advice for any beginner who is interested in taking their training further.

For the flip itself, it seems you don’t have the timing down for when you need to open up for your landing. The way I worked on that was doing gymnast rolls (on something soft, take care of your spine) and trying to end right back on the feet in one smooth roll. What this will do is get your body used to rotating forward and eventually you’ll become more aware of which way you are facing as you rotate. So just drill that over and over until you feel you are a little more aware of your rotation, and THEN you can try throwing a few fronts. Be mindful of the impact your legs are taking if you don’t land them properly. I hope this helps. Train hard and train safe! *Poof!* :]


    In the short time that I’ve had this blog, never did I imagine so many people would take an interest in my training. I’m honored, truly. As always, I have to thank you all again for your support. It helps to push me further and motivates to train harder.

    I’d also like to update you as to what has been going on. I have been taking a break this winter, which is why I haven’t posted much lately. I’m taking this time off to heal, seeing as I’ve had a few injuries from over training. (Not smart at all) My focus right now is healing. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

    I’ve been meditating regularly, am more conscious of what I eat/drink, and have been doing other things while my body takes care of repairing itself (Like getting back into making art and taking up other hobbies). I’ve kept conditioning to a minimum, and have made good progress so far, I’m not hurting anymore. I’ll be good and ready to start training once again soon enough, but this time I will be a lot more careful. I didn’t listen to my body, and I’m paying for it. Please don’t make this same mistake in your training.

Train hard, and train safe. Thank you all for the support and expect more posts soon. If you have any questions about training, or need help on anything, feel free to ask. *Poof!* =]

Here’s some quick art by me.

Campus precision jump, Madison Wisconsin. Picture taken by Jenny Tetting.

Campus precision jump, Madison Wisconsin. Picture taken by Jenny Tetting.

Group training sessions. Jubilee 2013. Pictures Taken by Jenny Tetting.

Art du Déplacement Chicago/Parkour Ways hosted a fundraiser event for the Philippines, hoping to help out the survivors of the recent Typhoon disaster. Some of the exercises we did focused on working together, and finishing as one, as well as struggling and feeling pain. All in respects to those affected by the typhoon. %100 of proceeds were sent out to help families and those in need.

Making our own path down Devil’s Lake.

Hey Koi, I recently came across your tumblr and it is awesome! But my question is in your pictures and videos you're doing parkour with glasses. I'm also visually impaired lol and was wondering how to you do parkour with your glasses on because mine usually falls off so I take my glasses off when I'm doing anything sports related, So what kind of frames do you have to keep your glasses from falling of when training?

It wasn’t until very recently that I did something about that issue. Training with glasses can be such a hassle, they could fly off at any given point, and the rattle during a run affects my approach to an obstacle, as well as worrying about these very problems takes away from the focus. I can’t train without glasses unfortunately, I’ve got a pretty high prescription.

I got all new glasses recently, it was about time I did. At the shop I saw these things called croakies. Adjustable strings that attach to your frames, keeping them on your face and not flying toward the concrete. Try them out, they’re not expensive, and they’ll rid you of that problem. I got them and my new frames won’t take as much a beating as my last pair. Haha!

I’m glad you enjoy the blog, and I hope the croakies help fix your problem. Train hard and train safe. *Poof!* =]

Chicago Parkour visits the Fight or Flight Academy.

Many thanks to Chad and the Staff at the FoF Academy, and my friends for an awesome trip and much training.

"The Jump" at Devil’s Lake.

Pictures taken by Al Kluz.